Why Retail Recommendation Engines Need More Than Buzzword Tech

Pairing customers with the right products isn’t as easy as it might seem. Recommendation engines have come a long way over the years, and most deliver satisfactory upsells. The perfect method of steering paying customers toward additional complementary products they actually want has proven difficult to nail down. This is critical to help ecommerce retailers to increase their profit.

Why Big Marketing Bills Make Retail Price Wars Hurt Much More

As retailers fight to win online market share, they’re forced to up their game and push boundaries to meet customer expectations. The reality of competition in today’s cutthroat world of e-commerce translates into companies looking to one up or match their competitors, which is doing more harm than good to the industry. Many online retailers are picking and choosing features to reproduce their best offers, creating an online customer journey that’s often similar across the board. Furthermore, matching promises to achieve faster delivery and extend deals only feeds into this competitive environment. This forces online retailers to battle it out on a much less lucrative front: price.